Air Huarache: a 2023 version more refined than the original

Feb 10, 2023 | Footwear

A new feat for @nike with the release of the Air Huarache proposed in a 2023 version more refined than the original.

Remember, it was in 1991 that the iconic pair imagined by the famous designer Tinker Hatfield, @tinkahat, made its first big release. At the time, and after the unprecedented success of the Air Max, the new sneaker wanted to set itself up as a “futuristic” sneaker.

Its tour de force? To propose a radical change compared to the traditional designs. We like the shoe for its stretch fabric that follows the shape of the foot, its cage with a sportswear look that maintains, as we like, the heel, its midsole in ultra-comfort foam, or its very soft upper.

So many codes that we find on the model 2023 with a more refined design.

We run for the variant in its pastel colors. What about you? 🍦🧊