NOCTA x Nike Hot Step Air Terra “Snakeskin”, the new pair by Drake

Jun 9, 2023 | Footwear

The NOCTA x Nike Hot Step Air Terra “Snakeskin” is on the way, a new iteration of the 6 God collaborative label. No full white for this version, as this time it features an imitation snakeskin pattern, on a beige and gray background.

A bold design that clearly makes us want to give in. We also fell in love with the details of the pair, designed to be representative of NOCTA’s distinctive aesthetics and Drake’s influence. We love the series of mini Swoosh on the middle part of the inner side.

A look that we want to cop, due to its unique style and also because we want to own at least one model created by the Canadian rapper. We love it almost as much as sneakers.

Bring a dash of twist in your outfits

 Courir launches the “Essentials With a Twist” pack, three iconic pairs that we love: the Air Max TW, the Air Max 90 and the Air Max 97.

 A blast from the past. It was in 1987 that the mythical bubble model imagined by Tinker Hatfield, Nike designer, saw the light of day. And with this arrival, a new era opens for the brand which, we are not going to lie to each other, was not doing well, those days. 

Soon trendy, the Air Max stands out by both its bold design and its efficient and durable cushioning technology. A sneaker which in its multiple variations would (almost) suffice on its own, to assert its style.

In any case, we are all enthralled! For which ref? Tough to decide… Perhaps for this time, we will carry out a draw.