Stylish trail for the 6th Salomon X Beams collab


Sixth collaboration for @salomon and Beams: the two brands together unveil the RX Slide 3.0, a combination between a sneaker and a mule for sunny days. 💐

The model is decorated with floral patterns and highlights comfort and well-being. It was designed to be adopted after a hike, but we already know that fans of the gorp core trend will find it appealing. We love the patterns of the RX Slide 3.0 which remind us of the flowery landscapes of the mountains and its mule side, that is completely in tune with the times. In terms of colors, the two friends (or “com-pairs”) go gentle with a powdery, beige and taupe palette.

It’ll be easily part of our wardrobe, whether it’s a sport or street wear look. Everyone knows that Salomon obviously keeps its promise in regard to technicality with excellent sole cushioning.

Stylish trail! 🥾