MONCLER X ADIDAS: Pushing the boundaries of co-creation

Oct 11, 2023 | Fashion

In a meeting of alpine heritage and urban flair, @Moncler joins forces with @AdidasOriginals to create groundbreaking creations. 🦾

Accompanying this collection is the “Art of Explorers” campaign, featuring AI-generated characters that embody the spirit of adventure. This extraordinary creative journey is complemented by a new immersive platform supported by Moncler. Sound, video, and 3D elements come together in this digital space, where the NMD Moncler x Adidas Originals boot transforms into a limited edition NFT, accessible via the Adidas Confirmed app. Beyond the array of down jackets, vests, jackets, and tracksuits by both brands, you’ll find a collection of incredibly stylish winter footwear. ❄️

The NMD sneaker gets a “Monclerized” treatment with a GORE-TEX finish and quilting, while the iconic Campus look becomes cozier than ever. It’s almost tempting to wish for winter just to snuggle into these shoes.