PALACE X SALOMON: A shiny XT-Wings 2 collaboration


@PalaceSkateboards is back in action, teaming up once more, this time with @Salomon. 🏔️

On August 27th, the label officially announced their second partnership through Instagram stories, and fans couldn’t be more excited. Their first collaboration brought us the XA-Comp, the Speed Cross, and the XT-6, and now we’re treated to a Palace reimagining of Salomon’s XT-Wings in two dazzling colors.

Whether you choose black or white, these XT-Wings 2 pairs are a blend of sporty and elegant aesthetics. While they may seem more suited for the city than rugged hiking trails, their glossy finish adds a touch of sophistication. With prominent logos and confident co-branding, Salomon proudly showcases their collaboration with Palace, and it’s impossible to resist the look✨