Reebok x Tom and Jerry: the collection that plays cat and mouse


To celebrate the cartoon Tom & Jerry’s 80th anniversary, Reebok is launching a wonderfully playful collection. Warning: you’ll go mad for this funny, stylish and cute capsule collection just like us.

The cute cat and mouse duo first appeared on TV in 1940 and have been given a new lease of life by Reebok with a milestone collection of t-shirts, sweaters, hooded dresses and, most importantly, three achingly cool sneakers inspired by the furry pair: two Club Cs and an InstaPump Fury.

Tom or Jerry?

With its grey faux fur covering the entire shoe, the InstaPump Fury lets you unleash your inner Tom. Its pop colours, heel designs and Tom’s little face on the pump button give it a crazy cartoon look.
The Club C Revenge celebrates Jerry with its brown laces in tribute to the little mouse’s fur and tail. There’s a zany detail under the sneaker with Jerry’s favourite food: a nice slice of cheese. Yummy!
So are you Team Jerry or Team Tom? If you can’t decide then you can always go for the Club C 85 bearing illustrations of the two characters wreaking havoc as usual.
The price range for these sneakers is 45-60 Euros for children and 90-180 Euros for adults. The Reebok X Tom & Jerry collection: dropping on February 15th. And pssst, here’s a tip: get a move on because we think they’re going to sell like hot cakes!