RS-X3 : 3 Times More Pleasure

Jan 24, 2020 | Footwear, News

Puma makes a strong statement with these two new pairs.  The RS-X3 cleverly brings together style and comfort. Yes, you’ve read properly they are called RS-X3- like a metric cube, but no need to have studied advanced mathematics to wear them !

Inspired by the world of athletics, these two new pairs of sneakers have slightly drifted away from running tracks and starting blocks to adopt a more urban style.

With meticulous details and a playful juxtaposition of patterns, the RS-X3 are more elaborate. The old style logo, printed on the shoe-strip, winks back to the nineties. The super-strong fabric ensures great protection for this winter.

The first sneaker the RS- X3 Level Up, has a rubber and multicolor outside sole that contrast with a black upper part, and other strong colors like bright blue and coral. The second sneaker, the RS-X3 Puzzle, offers a lighter upper part, with pop colors like red and turquoise.

Fun fact : a puzzle is printed on the inside sole – If you hate solving puzzles, don’t worry it’s already solved.

This pair is also available in white and pink, if you like your shoes to be more discreet, or in blue, white and red, which comes in handy to dress up when you are supporting at any kind of sporting event !

Note that these two pairs are unisex and also exist for kids.