Umoja : timeless and 100% vegetal sneakers

Apr 19, 2023 | Non classé

Timeless sneakers but most of all 100% vegetal. A feat for the @umoja_shoes brand who offers us vegan pairs! 🌱 The label launched by Lancine Koulibaly and Dieuveil Ngoubou stands out as a responsible economic alternative for more sustainable fashion. ♻️

The collections are created through the richness of the craftsmanship of Burkina Faso and by collaborating with nature. The outcome: models without any plastic and designed without material of any animal origin. 🐇

We love the idea and we also love the MMEAs ecological approach for their sober look as much as their carbon footprint. Not to mention, wearing sneakers in organic cotton, linen and hemp is still classy, isn’t it?