Nike vs Adidas: crazy capsules and Asian ads for the Lunar New Year

Mar 5, 2020 | Fashion

The Chinese and Vietnamese have just celebrated the Lunar New Year and Nike and Adidas have decided to mark the event with collections inspired by Asian folklore in breathtaking international ad campaigns.

This year is the Year of the Metal Rat. According to the Chinese zodiac, the animal embodies pragmatism and adventure. That’s all it took for Nike to create an ad poking fun at family relationships…

… And bring out its Year Of The Rat, a huge collection of sneakers (from Air Max 1 and Air Max 720 to the sublime white leather Air Force 1 with porcelain cloud reliefs) and Jordan Brand (Air Jordan 13 and Air Jordan 34) celebrating the most recent four major 12 year cycles of the Chinese calendar. These sneakers are something special and some are inspired by Jiǎnzhǐ paper cutting: a Chinese tradition turning rice paper into art. The folk art can be used to create almost anything including animals, flowers and landscapes.

Adidas has made the future Mulan its muse

As for Adidas, the brand has brought in Chinese actress Liu Yifei (who plays Mulan in the Disney live action film due for release in March) to create its lunar designs.
The result is an incredible streetwear collection: sneakers, sweaters, jackets and joggers.

The pieces are based on 3 worlds: earth, sea and air. The collection also features iconic Far Eastern style animals like the tiger and carp. Florals also star with the famous lotus flower. Real animistic meanings hide behind the design features e.g. the tiger gives strength and courage to the person wearing it. The lotus and carp represent a childlike imagination. What better way to keep your playful spirit alive? We wish you all this and more for the Year of the Iron Rat!